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Carl-Henry Geschwind

Søskenbarn av Mikkel Rasmusson Udøy (Halse, V-A) i 1625

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Carl-Henry Geschwind

Among the ancestors I am researching are the owners of Udøy (coastal island off of Mandal/Halse in Vest-Agder) in the 1600s. These ancestors include Mikkel Rasmusson, who was recorded at Udøy from 1614 to 1659, and his father Rasmus Olsson.


Per Reidar Christiansen, in his Folk i Nedenes, Mandals og Lista len 1560-1611, has pointed me to an important source new to me - an extensive court case in 1704 involving the ownership of Udøy (Mandal Sorenskriveri, Ekstrarettsprotokol nr. 1 (1688-1707), s. 625-629). Among the documents reproduced in this case is a document dated 24 July 1625 in which six named persons granted their combined ownership of 3 1/3 engelske in Udøy to "voris Sydskende barn Erlig Mand Mikel Rasmussen udj Udøen" (see https://www.digitalarkivet.no/rg10411304120627, right-hand side, midway down page).  I read this as saying that they were Mikkel's cousins.


The six named persons are: "Joen Jensen paa min Egen og broders Oluf Jenssens Vegne, begge udj Lyngdal boendes, og paa min broder börns wegne, Lauritz Jenssens, som boede udj Otternes Prestegield, og Leo Staalessen paa Rollestad paa min egne og broders, Niels Stallemoe [?] og Söster Guroe Stallesdatters i L... [can't decipher this] wegne."


Leo Stålesson Rollestad can be identified as Leo Rollestad or Rolleivstad, gnr. 24 in Øvrebø (now Vennesmo) - see Folk på Agder, 1591-1611 sortert på fornavn, #2496. I have not yet been able to identify the other five people, or their common grandparent with Mikkel Rasmusson.


Can anyone help me in identifying these cousins of Mikkel Rasmusson and how they are related to him?

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