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Jay Hagfeldt

Elise and Marie Olsen, Trondheim

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Jay Hagfeldt

Hi all,


I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to find my great grandmother Marie Olsen and her sister Elise Olsen.


The Information I have for them is this:


Marie married John Hagfeldt in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 4, 1891.  Her last name on the marriage certificate was spelled Olson.

Witnesses to the marriage were Elise and Peter Olson.  Elise was Marie's sister.  The death certificates for Marie and Elise both list Trondheim as their birth place.  The death certificate for Marie lists her birth date as 14 Aug 1871.  A passport application for Elise list's Elise's birth date as 30 March 1859.  


The problem is that I cannot seem to find a record of their birth.  I searched the 1865 and 1875 censuses of Sor-Trondelag for their names and birth dates, but didn't find them.  


Both of my sources list Trondheim as their place of birth.  Would this refer to the municipality of Trondheim?  I believe there are about 10 parishes in Trondheim municipality.  Or could it refer to the general area?  I thought I found their family in Agdenes (Vernes) parish, but I don't think that was the correct family now.  My sources also indicate that Marie emigrated in 1890 or 1891 and the Elise emigrated in 1890, but I was not able to find a record of their passage in the Christania or Trondheim passenger lists.


Any thoughts for further research would be greatly appreciated.  My next step would be to review all the birth/baptism church records for each parish in Trondheim.


Thanks and regards.

Jay Hagfeldt


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Anne-Lise Hansen

Hello and welcome to the forum. 🙂


You should rather post this entry in the Brukernes eget forum


(This forum is for interpreting difficult writing.)

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Jay Hagfeldt

Thanks, Anne-Lise.

I'll re-post there.



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