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Carl-Henry Geschwind

Jørgen Knutsson Langateig (Balestrand, Sogn og Fjordane, died c. 1750) - a descendant of Fartegn Filippusson (named 1415-1451)?

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Carl-Henry Geschwind

Jørgen Knutsson, married to Brita Friksdotter (daughter of Frik Persson Langateig), lived at Langateig in Tjugum sokn (present-day Balestrand kommune, see map) until dying in late 1749/early 1750 (buried 13 January 1750). As already noted in an old thread, the Balestrand bygdebok (originally written by Jon Laberg and published 1934) did not have a parent for Jørgen Knutsson. I believe, though, we can establish him as the son of Knut Jørgensson Linde and his wife Anna Eriksdotter Finnen (who was of noble birth and ultimately descended from Fartegn Filippusson).


The first step in this reconstruction is Jørgen's marriage record from 19 Nov (24th Sunday after Trinity) 1699: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070511620216, left side, third date from top. The bride is "Britta Mittun" (now Midttun, a part of Langateig). The name of the groom was read by the transcribers at the Fylkesarkivet Sogn og Fjordane as "Jørgen Sande" (http://gda.arkivverket.no/cgi-win/webcens.exe?slag=visbase&sidenr=1&filnamn=sognvigd&gardpostnr=21248&merk=21248#ovre), but I believe the name is more convincingly read as "Jørgen Linde" (compare to groom Tøer Lidall in the marriage immediately above).


The Linde from which Jørgen came can be identified as Linde in Kvamsøy sokn (see map). In the February 1668 man-count (https://www.digitalarkivet.no/ft10051005190202, left-hand side, 3rd farm), a Knud Ørjenss. [=Jørgensson], age 36, is recorded at Linde with a two-year-old son Ped. Kn. [=Per Knutsson]. In the 1701 man-count (https://www.digitalarkivet.no/ft10041010274018, left-hand side, 7th "bunde"), Knud Jørgens., now age 66, was still at Linde.


Jørgen Knutsson (who was listed as age 31 in the 1701 man-count and age 78 at his 1750 burial and thus was born in the very early 1670s) was too young to be in the 1668 man-count. But the 17 October 1701 probate of Ingeborg Erichsdatter Finden lists among Ingeborg's heirs the children of her sister, the late Anne Linde, including Peder and Jørgen Knudssøner  (https://www.digitalarkivet.no/sk20081121690196, right-hand side). This shows that Knut Jørgensson of Linde indeed had a son Jørgen, and that this Jørgen's mother was Anna Eriksdotter, sister of Ingeborg Eriksdotter Finnen (as well as of Kjell and Hermund Eriksson).


A final indication that Jørgen Knutsson Langateig was the son of Knut Jørgensson Linde and his wife Anna Eriksdotter comes from the fact that Jørgen named two of his daughters Ane (as shown in his probate at https://www.digitalarkivet.no/sk20081124620283, right-hand side near bottom). The other daughter was named Marita, after Jørgen's mother-in-law Marita Gulbrandsdotter.


Gudmund Balvoll in his 2008 Gards- og ættesoge for Vik i Sogn (s. 375) has identified the Anna Eriksdotter who married Knut Jørgensson Linde as a daughter of Erik Kjellsson Finnen (born at Kvamme) and his wife Gitlaug Nilsdotter Tjugum. This is entirely reasonable, as Erik Kjellsson was listed in the 1668 man-count at Finnen (https://www.digitalarkivet.no/ft10051005190203, right-hand side, in last two columns) with Hermund Eriksson, and thus the three names Erik, Kjell, and Hermund found in Ingeborg Eriksdotter's probate can all be found here. Gitlaug Nilsdotter ("Gietleff Nielsdtr") was named as Erik's wife at Finnen ("Finnden") in the 1645 head-tax list (https://www.digitalarkivet.no/rk20080904650837, left-hand side, second column, second-to-last couple). Gitlaug Nilsdotter in turn appears to have been the daughter of Nils Samsonsson Tjugum, as discussed by Lars Øyane and others in this thread. And the ancestry of Nils Samsonsson Tjugum can be traced all the way back to Fartegn Filippusson (named 1415-1451), as shown in Anders Bjønnes et al., "Semeleng-ætten i Valdres og Losna-ætten i Sogn", Norsk Slektshistorisk Tidsskrift, 34 (1994): 164-202.

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