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Carl-Henry Geschwind

Mother of Anna Catarina Lillienpalm (continuation of tema #18890 in gamle debattforum)

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Carl-Henry Geschwind
Posted (edited)

In 2003 Mette Gjertsen asked about the parents of Anna Catarina Lillienpalm, who was married to Oberst Poul Christian Rye. As Tore H. Vigerust and Yngve Nedrebø replied, the Danmarks Adels Aarbog for 1902 showed these parents to be Johan Sigismund Hassius (ennobled 1718 as Lillienpalm) and his wife Anna Lauridsdatter Undahl.


However, I believe the issue is not that clear. The only primary source I have found in which the parentage of Poul Christian Rye's wife is described is a legal document from 1742 (Mandal Sorenskriveri, Pantebok nr. 4 (1739-1754), s. 109, https://www.digitalarkivet.no/tl20080604310116). In this document, Rye says that his wife Anna Catharina is "forrige Stiftbefallingsmand Lillienpalms eeneste datter", so she clearly was the daughter of Johan Sigismund (Hassius) Lillienpalm, who was Stiftamtsmand of Kristiansand Stift from 1718 until his death in 1728. Rye also refers to "min Sviger Moder Frue Anna Undahl." But this does not necessarily mean that Anna Undahl was Anna Catharina Lillienpalm's mother; she could also have been Anna Catharina's step-mother.


As already pointed out by E. A. Thomle in 1888 (Personalhistorisk Tidsskrift, 2. række, 3. bind, s. 71, Anna Undahl in September 1704 had a posthumous son Jørgen Bjørn with her first husband (who died 12 June 1704). This means that her first child with her second husband, Johan Sigismund Hassius (later Lillienpalm), could not have been born before summer 1705 (at this time they were living in Trankebar, Danish East India, for which as far as I know there are no parish books available at this time). Poul Rye and Anna Catharina Lillienpalm are supposed to have married 15 October 1720 (according to DAA), which means that, if Anna Catharina were Anna Undahl's child, she would have been at most age 15 - not impossible, but in my opinion still unlikely.


In addition, the parish books for Kongsberg (where Johan Sigismund's father had been Oberbergforvalter) show that, on 3 February 1699, an illegitimate child named Anna Catrina, daughter of Anna Malena with Jan Sigmund Hasius, was baptised (http://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070315660715, left side). This Jan Sigmund Hasius is almost certainly the same as Johan Sigismund Hassius. And if Johan Sigismund, as per the 1742 legal document, had only one daughter, then I suspect that would be this Anna Catrina/Catharina, born 1699 as an illegitimate child, rather than any hypothetical daughter with Anna Undahl.


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