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Carla Hammar

Anders Jakobsen Sunde 1688 +1777 - Vågå

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Carla Hammar

In reply to Bjørn Piro's query about Anders Jakobsen Sunde, 1688-1777. I apologize that this is in English. Please reply in Norwegian if you would like.


Anders's father, Jakob, would be born likely sometime between 1640-1665. The 1666 Vågå census has three Jakobs who fit this:

1.    Jakob Larsen born approximately 1660 at Kvarberg: his children are known, and there is no Anders

2.    Jakob Christensen born approximately 1650 at Steinfinnsbø: his children are known, and there is no Anders

3.    Jakob Endresen, born 1645 at Østrum/Austrem: he is the son of Endre Andersen: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/ft10051005111111 (#41); and he has 5 children in his probate, one of whom is Anders: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/sk11216091900289 


Jakob Endresen Østrem married Randi Knutsdatter Råstad, and their children are:

1.    Endre (ca. 1677+1760), married Kari Jonsdatter; death: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520423 (Aug 1760)

2.    Knut (I could not find his death record)

3.    Anders; death: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520427 (Oct 1777)

4.    Barbro – married Tjøstolv Torsteinsen Kleppe; birth year ~1681 based on children born from 1706 to 1714 (per myheritage)

5.    Aase (ca. 1684 +1770), married Gulbrand Siversen Snerle; death: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520425 (Jun 1770)

The birth years of these siblings makes a birth year for Anders of about 1688 very possible.


Ander Jakobsen married Torø Larsdatter Øi (1694- Jun 1770), and their children are:

1.    Randi (ca. 1720 +1805)

2.    Johannes (ca. 1722 +1808) (named after Torø’s deceased first husband)

3.    Marit (ca. 1726 +1818)

4.    Ronnov (ca. 1728 +1745)


If this is the right Anders, then we would expect:

1.     His first daughter to be named Randiafter his mother, which she is

2.     Some relatives from Østrem, and possibly stad, to appear in church records related to Anders and his children

3.     The reverse: Anders to appear in church records related to his siblings and their children


Point 2: church records for Anders’s children, we see:

1.     Ander’s daughter Randi, engagement: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520340 (16 Jun 1742) has Iver Råstad & Lars Øe witnesses; the baptism of her son Anders: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520276 (column 4, 2nd-to-last name) has godparents from Råstad & Øe

2.    Anders’s son Johannes, engagement: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520347 (12 Nov 1757) has Ole Råstad & Lars Øe as witnesses; the baptism of his son Anders: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520281 (column 1 #3) has Knud Østrem (Ander’s brother) as a godfather

3.    Anders’s daughter Marit, engagement: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520342 (21 May 1746) has Lars Øe and Ole Råstad as witnesses; her children:

a.    Jon 1747: column 2 #10: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/9247/44849/1 has godparents from Øe, Råstad, Sunde, & Blessum

b.    Johannes 1748: column 2 #2: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/9247/44849/4 has godparents from Blessum, & some illegible 

c.     Anders 1751: column 3 #9: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/9247/44849/8 has godparents from Øe, Blessum & has Knud Østrem, Anders brother

d.    Marit 1754: column 1 #3: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/9247/44849/16 has godparents from Råstad & Blessum


Point 3: church records for Anders Jakobsen’s brother Endre, and his children Jakob and Randi:

1.    Jakob Endresen married Kari Jonsdatter, and had (at least):

a.    Kari 1748: column 4, #4 https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520260 has Anders Sundeas a godfather

b.    Endre 1751: column 3, #8: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520265 has Anders Sunde

c.     Synne 1756: column 3, #8: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520276 does not have him

2.    Randi Endresdatter married Knut Hansen Stade, and had (at least):

a.    Kari 1748: column 2, #3: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/9247/40 has godparents from Østrem, but not Anders Sunde

b.    Hans 1751: column 4, #4: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520266 has Anders Sunde

c.     Mari 1761: column 3, final name: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070603520285 has Anders Sunde


All this evidence leaves me entirely convinced this is the right Anders Jakobsen, and that he is the son of Jakob Endresen Østrem/Austrem and Randi Knutsdatter Råstad.


Anders Jakobsen’s wife, Torø Larsdatter, was easier. Looking at the Øi probates, https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/39945/15429 (1719) has Torø widowed from her first marriage. https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/39945/15463 has her parents, Lars Hansen & Marit Ellefsdatter, and a note “se Prastegaard.” Prastegaard (Præstegaard) probates: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/39945/10009 and the following page has Marit Ellefsdatter and her children as Hans, Anne, Marit, and Thore Larsdatter (g.m. Anders Jacobsen Overøi). https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/39945/10007 has Marit Ellefsdatter’s parents, Ellef Andersen and Marit Torsdatter (Bjølstad). Lars Hansen, Torø’s father, is from Rudi; probate: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/39945/10489 and census (#23): https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/35502/113.


Torø is the daughter of Lars Hansen Rudi (ca. 1641 +ca 1719) and Marit Ellefsdatter (ca. 1661).


I hope this is helpful.

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