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Niels Hansen Olesrud and family

David Arvidson

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David Arvidson

I am trying to verify some information and get some new information.


I believe that in 1862, Niels Hansen (Olesrud) and his family left Tinn for America, https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/1370/189 , see side 34 people # 5 - #9.


I have found information on other sites that indicate that Lars became Lars Nelson and he moved to WI and then Iowa and died in 1923.  Other sites show that his sister, Margit, became Margaret Nelson and married Jacob Omenson in Leland, IL.  The sites show that that Margaret and Jacob then moved to Nebraska.  Based on birthdates in the Norway data and in the U.S. census data, I think the information about their identities in the U.S.A. is correct.


I cannot find any information to indicate what became of Niels, Aasne, or Hans.  Some sites indicate that Aasne died in 1870 and that Niels died in 1880 in Kendall, IL, but I cannot find any hard documentation to support this.  I cannot find anything about Hans.


I checked the Arkivverket data, but I cannot find anything to show that all five people actually left Norway.  I cannot find if/when they arrived in Canada or the U.S.A.  My guess is that they might have gone to Leland, IL, as other distant relatives went there, but I cannot find anything to support that.


Do you have any information that might help me?


Thank you.

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Anton Hagelee
1 hour ago, David Arvidson said:

My guess is that they might have gone to Leland, IL, as other distant relatives went there, but I cannot find anything to support that.



Probably a good guess, as Margit was married in La Salle, County Illinois. 


Margaret Nelson

 in the Illinois, Marriage Index, 1860-1920

Name:Margaret Nelson


Marriage Date:30 Dec 1865

Marriage Place:La Salle, Illinois, USA

Spouse Name:Jacob H Omenson

Spouse Gender:Male



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Anton Hagelee

This is a bit more of a guess than the marriage of Margit. According to the marriage record Niels Hansen was born about 1805 and his wife Aasne Larsdatter was born about 1804. 


Niels Hansen

 in the Norway, Select Marriages, 1660-1926

Name:Niels Hansen



Birth Date:1805

Marriage Date:22 apr 1827

Marriage Place:Hovin, Telemark, Norway

Spouse:Aasne Larsdr

FHL Film Number:126937

Reference ID:2:1SZ0N1B


Nr. 2, farm for Niels is Rui. 


There is a Nelse R Nelson and wife Anna living in La Salle County in the 1870 Census. Birth year is good for Anna as Aasne but off by some 10 to 12 years for Niels. I did not find any other good candidates in La Salle County in the 1870 Census. 




Could the R be for the farm Rui?


The residence for Niels and Aasne is listed as Olesrud under Rui for the baptism record for Lars 













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I believe that Hans is Hans H Hansen born Dec 20, 1845 in Norway.  At age 14, he went to LaSalle, Illinois.  He later spent time in Tennessee and Kansas and died near Lyons, Nebraska Dec 31, 1920.  In 1973, he married Rosina Schneider.  3 of 8 children survived including Elwood H Hansen of Texarkana, Arkansas.  In his Norwegian birth record, his father is Nils H Olesrud.  Hans is the father of Elwood R Hansen who was my great Aunt’s father-in-law.

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