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searched for Sijbrant Teunis

Riekie Leander

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Good morning,

My name is Riekie and I am from the Netherlands.


I am looking for an ancestor who would come from Norway.
here is the data i found so far.


Sijbrand Teunis married Johanna Sparenbergh on May 21, 1751 in Amsterdam.
His marriage certificate states that he is from Aarendael.

According to the Amsterdam archive, this is Arendal Norway.

Sijbrant would be 3? it may be 31/33/35 years old while getting married.

So he would be born 31 years old between 22-05-1719 - 21-05-1720
or 22-05-1717 - 21-05-1718 born 33 years old
or 22-05-1715 - 21-05-1716 born 35 years old.

His parents were dead when he got married and his cousin Michiel Cornelisz assists him.


I think you write the name Sijbrant in Norwegian as Sibrant and Teunis as Tunis / Thenis / Thunes / Thunæs / Tonnes / Tones / or Teunisz / Theunisz.


Sijbrant himself writes his name on the marriage certificate as: Sijbrint Thuense


Michiel Cornelisz married Anna Andriesz on December 15, 1744 in Amsterdam. Michiel was born 33 years old around 1711. According to the marriage certificate he would come from Ossevoort. Anna is born in Amsterdam. This is her second marriage. 

According to the Amsterdam archives, this is the Oksefjord in Norway.


The children of Sijbrant and Johanna were named:
Pieter (mother's father)


Michiel Cornelisz and Anna Andriesz named their children:
Abraham (mother's first husband)


Anna Andriesz married Abraham Roelffzs (1) on 08/13/1733 in Amsterdam Abraham Roelffzs is from Arendal Norway. born around 1704. Occupation VOC sailor. Children of Anna and Abraham are:


This is all the information I have. (except death dates, but I don't think that applies now.


I searched Arendal's certificates and I can't find a match.

Who else has tips for me?


Thanks in advance!

Riekie Leander

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  • Riekie Leander changed the title to searched for Sijbrant Teunis

Hello Riekie. I have no new information to give you, but know the Arendal-area pretty well.  Sijbrand /Sibrand ia not a commen name in Norway. Maybe you should look for a name that sounds a bit like it.  Sivert/Syvert might sound like it in Dutch.  "Mikkel Korneliussen", if he was Sibrand's cousin, probably did not come a place so far away

from Arendal. The only Oksefjord I know is almost as far north as you can come on Norway, and Arendal is on the southern coast. Ossevoort does not give me any

immediate ideas, but  it could be a place starting with Ås.. or Øs.. for sounding like Osse... in Dutch. 

The name Teunis = Tønnes in Norway was very common in Southern Norway.  There are many people in Norway having Tønnesen as family  name. 

Early 1700 is a difficult period for find persons in Norway. It is too early for most church registers.  In your case I would look in seaman- and military registers.  I checked in a small base which includes most people living in and around Arendal including the islands close by, mentioned in local books (bygdebøker). but got no hits. Good luck with your search! Beste groeten Jarl

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What about this; 


Oksefjorden is a fjord in Aust-Agder county, Norway. The 5-kilometre (3.1 mi) long fjord runs between the islands of Borøya and Tverrdalsøya along the border of Tvedestrand and Arendal municipalities. At the north end of the fjord, it joins the Tvedestrandfjorden and the Eikelandsfjorden and at the south end it flows into the Skagerrak. The village of Sandvika lies along the northern shore of the fjord (on Borøya) and the village of Holmesund (on Tverrdalsøya).

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