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Anne Marthe born March 14, 1872 and baptized April 28, 1872 in Vinger, Hedmark

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I am trying to find out what became of Anne Marthea born March 14, 1872 and baptized April 28, 1872; her sister, Maren Sofia born in 1867 and their mother Marte Svendsdatter born Sept. 8, 1845 and baptized Oct. 19, 1845.  The girls' parents were never married.  Their father was Amund Olsen Karterud and on January 17, 1874, he married Anne Isaksdatter in Vinger.  They had children.  Amund Olsen Karterud who was born January 7, 1840 and baptized February 16, 1840 in Vinger; died there June 19, 1924.

Anne Marthea, Maren Sofia and their mother Marte or Marthea were all born in Vinger.  I can not find these three in the 1875 Census.  I am trying to find what became of these two girls and their mother.  I am attaching the two girls' baptisms in Vinger and the 1865 Vinger Census with Marte before she had her children.

Any help would be so much appreciated.

Thank You!

Clark Monson

Grand Forks, North Dakota USA

anne marthea (2).jpg

maren sofia.png


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Even Stormoen

Hello Clark.


I think maybe you have posted this in the wrong Forum. This is for ‹deciphering› text (gothic etc.) The «Users Forum» is the proper one, I beleive. Over there are the real ‹Sherlocks› who I am shure can help you.




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