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Flickr Commons: A new phase! Can we talk?

George Oates

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Please excuse me writing in English! And, I'm not sure why some of this is BOLD, but hey. I press on.


Back in April, we sent a note to the anewal@arkivverket.no address attached to your Flickr Commons account. We're writing to see if you or someone else over there might be available for an interview about your Flickr Commons experience. This year, we’re researching how to rekindle the Flickr Commons program, and make it stronger and stable for years to come. 


Here’s the background info on what we’re up to:



And our first update, six weeks in:



So far, we’ve interviewed 12 Commons members, and it’s great - so useful to hear what it’s been like for people, how things have continued or drifted off over the last decade. Our hope is to talk with about 30 orgs, so please do consider grabbing a slot


Here are two time zone options to book an interview (for 90 minutes, on Zoom):

Option 1: Interview with George, who’s in Adelaide, Australia

- OR -

Option 2: Interview with Carol, who’s in New York, USA


We are working for six months on this research finishing up August/September. We will be posting progress to the Flickr blog and holding 3-4 webinars to keep everyone updated, so do please join in, even if you’d prefer not to be interviewed.


Hope to meet with you soon!


Thank you,

George & Carol


PS - You joined the Commons on DATE, have 000 photos up which have been viewed 00M times, and 000 contacts waiting for your next upload. 

PPS - Feel free to reach out via the main @Flickr twitter account too, if that works for you!

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Argh! Forgot to include these stats:

You joined the Commons on 2011-07-07, have 2,827 photos up which have been viewed 13.4 million times, and 1,877 contacts waiting for your next upload. 

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