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[#64678] Navnet Jæger/ Læger på Kongsberg 1700 - tallet

Larry Halvorsen

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  First I must correct the birthdate of Karen/Kari Amundsdatter.  The 3 April 1756 date I posted applies to Karen Amundsdatter, daughter of Amund Halvorsen Oderbeckis.

I do not have Kari Anundatters DOB.  There are a couple of children born to Anund Siulsen Boe in Sandsvaer EFT in 1803-1805 (Elen and Siul) that could be siblings to Kari from a second marriage but probably span too great.  Perhaps she too ended up back in Sandsvaer or Eiker.


On the latin notation, a "Hans Haagensen Ovantza? v: Jager" gave birth to Anna Marie in 1774 K-berg (page 70). Would I consider him a Jager?  There are no Jagers listed as sponsors.


The following Christian Christiansen Kjaers- (left, side 7 Feb) married Anne Elisabeth Boyesdatter 17 Mar 1810 in Oyestad:


I believe you are correct Christian Bastiansen is part of that family.  Christian Bastiansen is listed as a sponsor to Jorgen Christiansen's son Anders born 22 Jan 1757 (K-berg-page 77 left). Jorgen Christiansen Kiarsis was sponsor for Jens Christophersen's daughter Dorthe Marie (born 2 Aug 1760).  There is a Jens Christophersen Kiaer kov, age 70?, is listed in the 1801 Oyestad census under Neersteen, if he is the same guy it conflicts with 1765 death below.


Some other Kier sis:   Niels Christiansen Kiarsis,  father to Martha Marie (16 Nov 1760); Niels Pedersen Kiars father to Hans Hejdo (3 Jan 1761) and Peder (2 Nov 1771).


Niels Christiansen Kiars is sponsor for 7 Aug 1773 (pg 62) birth of Anna Barbara (Peder Olsen Jagers is father)


7 May 1768 (pg 184) Jorgen Christiansen Kiers, age 44, Pens. buried; wife is Maude  Pudnes?datter. (2nd wife)


4 May 1765 (pg 267) Jens Christophersen Kiers buried- can't read much of this, but age 29.


Finally some marriages:


17 June 1775 - Jorgen Jorgensen Kiars and Marie Pedersdatter, Lamers v: Levin

23 June  1775 - Niels Christiansen Kiars and Anna Marie Indreadsdatter Bering

26 Feb 1780 - Niels Pedersen Kiars and Anna Sebine Christensdatter, Huus

13 Oct 1781 - Christian Jorgensen Kiars and Aase Marie Sorensdatter Hvam


I would like to get your input on some ancestors from Roraas.  I spent a lot of time on the Corporals' last year.  Some, I believe were significant workers in the mines.  Too late tonight for that though.








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Kari Anundsdatter Bø was baptized on 1752-08-10 in Efteløt church, Sandsvær.


The Anund Bø having children in the early 1800’s was her nephew, son of Kari’s elder brother.



For a Norwegian is looks a little bit strange when you refer to Amund Halvorsen Oterbekk as Oderbeckis. The ending -is is an ancient genitive. In Norwegian we usually don’t use the apostoph before the genitive s. In this case the genitive is used in the baptism records since the baptized child was his.

In modern Norwegian: Amund Halvorsen Oterbekks barn …

In English: Amund Halvorsen Oterbekk’s child …


In the same way, when you find the form «Jægers», it is a genitive too, in English is would be «Jæger’s».


The exception from this rule in modern Norwegian is when the word ends with a -s. Then we use the apostroph after the final -s, example «Kjærs’». But in the 18th Century it was written «Kjærsis». Thus, «Kjærsis» is not a name, it’s just the genitive form of the name Kjærs.



1761-01-03: The child’s name was Hans Wejdo (Weidau), which means that he was given his mother’s surname. Mother: Agnete Hansdatter Weidau.


1765-05-04: Jens Xtopherß. Kjærs, gift-Mand som døde udi Stanken paa nye Skachten, gl. 29 Aar, alle (Kl(okker) fri.

That is: Jens Kristoffersen Kjærs, married man who died in «the stink» at the new shaft, aged 29 years, all bells free.


1768-05-07: Jørgen Xtianß. Kiærs, gift-Mand nede ved Gryn-Møllen, ej Pens., gl. 44 Aar.

That is: Jørgen Kristiansen Kjærs, married mann, down by the groats Mill, not oensioner, aged 44 years.

Men’s wives are never mentioned in burial records. And. As his probate shows, he was married only once:

Iørgen Christiansen Kiers - Probate register for Kongsberg town bailiff, Overbergamtet and Sønnafjelske bergamt 1705-1801 - The Digital Archive (digitalarkivet.no)


I guess it is this guy you refer to in Øyestad in 1801:

042 Jens Christian Kiærskov - 0017 Neersteen - 001 - Tellingskretsoversikt - Folketelling 1801 for 0920P Øyestad prestegjeld - Digitalarkivet 

His surname is Kjærskov, not Kjærs. Kjærskov is a Danish name meaning something like brushwood. On the other hand, Kjærs came from German «Kirsch», which means cherry in English.



Hans Håkonsen Qvantza or Jæger was the son of Håkon Hansen Qvantza and Anne Hansdatter Jæger, married on 1732-01-30. As you see, he used both his parents’ surnames. That was not unusual at that time. Before 1923 in Norway, you didn’t automatically inherit your father’s surname, and women never got her husband’s surname. In this case, you will never find Anne Hansdatter Jæger mentioned as Anne Hansdatter Qvantza. Another example is your Corporal ancestors. They were known as Corporal as long as they stayed at Røros, but after moving to Kongsberg they were generally called «Røraas», because the was what «everyone» comming from Røros to Kongsberg were called.


Anne Hansdatter Jæger was probably Bertel Hansen Jæger’s sister. And, as I have mentioned before, I suspect that there might be a connection between them and your Jæger Family.


When I look at this family with the likely sibling Hans, Bertel, Anne, Ingeborg and Kari/Karen, and Hans in 1732 stating that he was a melter’s son, I suspect that their father was Hans Sebjørnsen, a son of Sebjørn Pedersen and Eli Hansdatter at the Stavlum søndre Farm, Fiskum, Øvre Eiker. That is in the opposite end of Eiker from Skotselv. In 1711, he is stated to be at the age of 45, which is plausible, and 66 years old in 1732. In addition he had at least another daughter, Eli, who must have died young. His wife’s name is so far unknown (Hans was a widower in 1732). Either they married before the Kongsberg church records start in 1696 or at another place than Kongsberg, Eiker and Sandsvær. He worked as a melter, and to me it seems that he for some years might have lived somewhere else. I don’t find him mentioned in Eiker after 1691, and then in Kongsberg from 1702.


I guess that he was the Hans Jæger I find mentioned twice in 1712, one of them as a sponsor for Hans Sebjørnsen’s brother’s child. I don’t know why he «picked up» this surname; there is nothing in his ancestory pointing in such a direction. Did he adopt it from his wife? Or had he served as a soldier in the Jegerkorps?



I have two large documents about Røros. Together they make up almost a thousand pages. One is a survey of Røros mining familie, the other one an extract of Røros probates with a lot of additional information about those mentioned there.


I am not an expert on Røros genealogy. Thus, I’ll be unable to give you much help in your research there. Maybe the best solution would be that you send my your e-mail address so that I could provide the documents to you?


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There is a skifte after Christian Jorgensen Kjaers, and a bapt. record for son Christian:

https://www.digitalarkivet.no/sk20081201380153 skifte- July 1783

https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070316620585 Bapt-Feb 1784


I can't get much useful from from the skifte, but from the dates Jorgen died before Christian was born? Looks like he died soon after conception.



Getting back to Niels death:  "alle Kl(okker) fri."  does that mean there will be no charge for the bell tolling? perhaps because of the tragic death.  I am always surprised there is not more practical reference to things like burial places, charges for candles, etc. in the Dode books.  I suppose there must have been other records that were not preserved.


The lamp goes out early tonight,


Tusen Takk





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Kristian Jørgensen Kjærs was buried on 1783-07-26: Christian Jørgenß. Kiærs, gift M(an)d, ej Pens., gl. 30 Aar.


His son Kristian was baptized on 1784-02-07, and was probably born a week or two in advance. That is half a year after his father's burial. 


No, it isn't easy to read those probate protocols. His probate is mentioned in the register as well:

 Christian Jørgensen Kiers - Probate register for Kongsberg town bailiff, Overbergamtet and Sønnafjelske bergamt 1705-1801 - The Digital Archive (digitalarkivet.no)


Yes, Alle klokker fri (all bells free), means that there will be no charge for the bell tolling. All bells free was normally reserved for those why had died in an accident while on work. Others had the small bells free only. And yes, there are other records preserved as well, but they have not been scanned so far. If you look into the church accounts you will find what is missing in these burial records. If you go back to the start of the century, you'll find more  of this type of information in burial records, too.


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When you said there were no probate in Kongsberg prior to 1739 does that exclude the register (Probate register for Kongsberg town bailiff, Overbergamtet and Sønnafjelske bergamt 1705-1801)?  It appears so since Christian Jorgensen Kiars was in there.

Glad to have the knowledge on the v. (or) notation as I am finding more of them.  The "Sal:" as well.    The following one is confusing - Is Karen Mathiasdatter the wife of Niels Olsen Lund v. Corporal?

https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20070316620095 (20 June 1758)


I have found a lot of Jager, Corporal and Kiars refs in the burial records up to 1758, but still no wife for Anders Christophersen.


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There is a probate protocol for the years 1705-12. However, no "ordinary people" are mentioned there. Only once I have found anything helpful in it. The next protocol starts in 1739: The Digital Archive (digitalarkivet.no) 



Karen Mathiæd., Sal(ig) Niels Olß. Lund v. Corporal, Pens., gl. 70 Aar, bet(alt) Smaae Kl(ocker) Med hende i Kiste Daniel Erlandß. hiemmedøbte S(øn) Peder Andreas, gl. 7 dage.


Karen Mathiasdatter, widow of Nils Olsen Lund or Corporal, pensioner, 70 years old, paid for the small bells. With her in the coffin Daniel Erlandsen’s home-paptized son Peder Andreas, 7 days old.


It was costumary in Kongsberg to bury (small) children in an adult person’s coffin. There were several reasons for this:


1. The cemeteries in Kongsberg were always too small. Thus, the limited number of available graves mad it impossible that every child could have it own separate grave.


2. I was expensive to have a separate grave, and the child mortality was in many families extremely high.


3. According to the folklore, it meant «good luck for the jouney» to have a company on your last journey.


However, as I have told you before, there is no connection between this Lund or Corporal Family and your ancestors. Nils Olsen Lund or Corporal was born in the City of Skien and his father in the district of Hadeland. There is no link to Røros. Lund was my grandmother's maiden name. Thus I have studied everyone with this name in Kongsberg and the surroundings and know this Lund or Corporal Family quite well.



Would it be an idea to go back to the kommunikantprotokoll to see if there is more to find there about Anders Kristoffersen's widow Ingeborg? A patronymic and for how long she is mentioned? That would perhaps make it easier til find her burial. On the other hand, she might have returned to where she came from, Skotselv or another place, and in Eiker you will be unable to find her burial if you don't know her patronymic. 


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Very interesting about the burial of small children.  I often wondered about that because so many died in those days.  So, burial would happen with people not related ; those that were going into the ground on any particular day.


You gave me:

1737-06-01:   Ole Johansen Finne and Ingeborg Hansdatter Jæger,  Can I assume this is not Ingebor remarrying because it does not title her Enke?



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The answer is yes on both your questions. 


I find the this probate after Ingeborg Hansdatter Jæger in 1754:

Ingebor Hansdtr - Probate register for Kongsberg town bailiff, Overbergamtet and Sønnafjelske bergamt 1705-1801 - The Digital Archive (digitalarkivet.no) 


With a 5 years old daughter, it is impossible that she was "your" Ingeborg. She was baptized on 1710-05-21, and the remark in the probate about Ole Olsen Småland as her "svoger", i.e. brother-in-law, makes it evident who she was.


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I thought so- it was a long shot.  I am continuing through the Communicants list.  Found some Jagers part of Berthel’s family I believe.  Can I assume a ladies first name following the man’s is the wife or could be a daughter?  The Communicants listing is more beneficial than I would have thought- let’s you know people are still alive.

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From your question I read that you are in the mid 1730s. In most cases it would be his wife's name. 


Let us go to 1736 where we find the same couple mentioned yesterday (on the top of right page):

SAKO, Kongsberg kirkebøker, M/Ma/L0001: Communicants register no. 1, 1731-1739, p. 222
Quick link: https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb10311404080213 

"Niels Olsen Lund med h(ustrue) Karen"

That is: Nils Olsen Lund with w(ife) Karen.


In a few cases you in stead of the letter h. will find a d. - for datter (daughter).


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I have found several references to Hans Jager and Bertel Jager in the Kongbergs Communicants book.  (Two Jagers I have not placed yet) .  The following indicates Hans has daughters Karen and Ingebor

https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb10311404080100 -page 118 communicants

Hans Jager was a regular communicant he is found on pages 83 (1733), 124, 161. All these by himself.

Other entries of interest:

Page 82 Bertel Jager and Anne

Page 95 Berthe Elizabeth Jagersdatter

Page 103 Cristoffer Christoffersen and Ingebor

Page 139 Ingebor Hansdatter, Karen and son Rasmus

Page 177 Karen and Ingebor Geiger


There are of course many Ingebors listed and Ingebor Hansdatter's that can't be tied to any Jagers.  A lot of Bastian Kiars family as well.


Found the following in what I believe is a local Arendal 1815 Mantall. Note # 33 - does that say Martin Jager?



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