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Child's birth record was indexed with wrong parents

Anne Lund

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This Ministerialbok nr. 7, 1863-1884, s. 54 entry #41 was indexed with incorrect parents. In the original record the parent's are listed as Syver Eriksen Garmo and Ingebjorg Johannesdatter.

The transcribed version https://www.digitalarkivet.no/en/view/255/pd00000027599835 has the parents listed as Ingebret Torgersen and Else Halvorsen of Stronnan.

I was searching for children of Ingebret Torgersen and Else Halvorsdatter of Hoft farm, and found this record, that is transcribed incorrectly. Can someone please report this to the staff at the Norwegian Digital Archives for correction?

Thank you,

Anne Lund

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@Anne Lund

(My and google translate’s translation of the message from the Digital Archives conserning the huge number of wrongly transcribed material by Ancestry, MyHeritage and FamilySearch.)




«Proofreading of registered church books (AMF)


In October 2020, we published the registered church books that AMF (Ancestry, MyHeritage, Familysearch) has contributed to the Digital Archive.


It is a wish of our guests and the Digital Archive that the registrations from AMF undergo a proofreading. We have therefore started a proofreading service for this material, « (further: my addition) where volontaires make corrections in the previous transcribed files. (church books)



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«The increase in proofreading reports is so strong that the Digital Archive no longer has the capacity to review them. Often there is not just one mistake, but many mistakes in one and the same registered church book. It is far more appropriate to proofread and correct entire church books, than to make random corrections.


On the basis of this, we have now closed the possibility of reporting on AMF's registrations of the church registers' lists of baptized, consecrated and buried between approx. 1815-1938.»






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