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More translations if possible

David Vinge

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In the 1891 census my g-g-grandfather has a person enumerated as under his care. This person is the second child that the family fostered.

Margit Charlotte Evjen. I think it says she is fostered? adopted?

Transcription shows she is daughter but


Scanned version says she is Pleiedatter (adopted/fostered?)


#11 shows information that I'm not sure of.


My g-g-Grandfather is Peter Andersen Vinge:


#10 shows he is a Tommerand ved Throndhjem Dok ?????

Carpenter at Trondhjem docks?


:Following is  the first person fostered in the Vinge houehold and

In the 1891 census Albert Marius Sollie, (formerly Albert Marius Vinge in other census records)

is here:


I'm not sure what #10 and #11 translate to.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


David Vinge

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada




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The transcribed census also contains the remark that Margot Charlotte Evjen is a pleiedatter, i.e. a foster daughter in the care of the family.


Peter Andersen Vinge is a Tømmermand ved Trondhjems Dokselskab (Carpenter at Trondheim Shipyard Company). This company was merged with Trondhjems mekaniske Værksted around 1900 according to Wikipedia.


My guess for 10. is Handelsbetjent ved Manfagturforrætning (Shop assistant in a manufacturing company).
11. Handelsmand Manufaktur (Merchant/shopkeeper and manufacture)

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