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Gjest Sue Barham

[#1538] Linking Debate forum participants

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Gjest Sue Barham

Hi Jan/Annette or who ever is on duty now.On the third debate forum, I posted a message, # 1885, regarding Buskerud parishes and my wish to ascertain if the Anne I had found in the LDS records, was, in fact, the Anne I knew was married to my GG Grandfather. A response came from Jon Torp, I answered him, he replied to another puzzle and then ASTRID HVAM MOEN, Kongsberg, answered my original questions, and indicated that she had much more information to share, and wouldn't I e-mail her directly. Of course I would, but she didn't write her e-mail address. I answered in the forum, leaving my address, which is suebarham@home.com. Unless she returns to the message, and reads my response, she will not know how to reach me, and certainly, I can't reach her. Could you, who I'm sure have access to her e-mail address as a debate participant, send my address to her? I would appreciate the link up very much.Sue Barham Beaverton Oregon USA

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