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Gjest Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

[#1840] Help with search

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Gjest Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

I am trying to locate my great grandmother and her 13 year old daughter, in the 1900 Census. I have found them in the 1891 for Bergen. I also know that in 1930, my great grandmother died in Bergen, and that her daughter was still living there, although married by that time. I suspect it is possible that in 1900, they were living in an area outside, but nearby to Bergen. Can you please suggest the names of municipalities, which would be likely places to look?Also, in the 1891 Census, my great grandmother was receiving public assistance ("fattigvæsenet"). I believe it is possible that in 1900, my great grandmother and her daughter may have been living in a home for the poor. I read that these "second households" are now included in the 1900 Census. Is there a way that I can search these households specifically? How are they identified in the Census?Thank you for your assistance, Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

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