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Gjest David Vinge

[#3494] Sollie's in Trondheim?

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Gjest David Vinge

I have been researching my family history and have found that my great grandfather had an adopted sibling, named Albert Marius Winge (Vinge) whose actual last name was Sollie (Sollid). His father was Amund Amundsen Sollid. Albert Marius was born in 1866 and adopted by the Winge family sometime after that. He was a Winge in the 1875 census of Trondheim but was Albert Marius Sollie in the 1885 and 1900 census. I found that he was married in 1902 to a lady from Oslo named Eugenie Josefine Lovise Jonnesen (Tonnesen?) born in 1871 Ystre Aker. It was registered in the Bakke church records of Trondheim but was very strange. Since I don't read Norwegian I am only assuming the marriage took place in Oslo but for some reason had been entered in Trondheim (since that is where Albert Marius was from). The record is marked 0 (zero) and placed between the 164 and 165th records for that year. I have also found that Albert and Eugenie had a daughter in 1903 named Tyna Mathilde(I believe, I can't read the first name easily). I do not have later church records and was wondering if anyone can direct me on where I could find more descendants of Albert and Eugenie or Tyna? Probate records? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Sincerely, David Vinge dvinge@powersurfr.com

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