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Gjest Philip Moody

[#3683] Earl Hakon the Great-descendants in Scotland!

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Gjest Philip Moody

Greetings: I am Phil Moody and I would like to advise you that Clan Grant now traces it's Ancestry to Hakon the Great; who ruled Norway from 970-995! This information can be viewed at [ http://www.clangrant.org ]. I should mention, that you will need to use the "brief History" Link on the left of the opening page, to view the relevant information and that the pages are in English:-) Some fellow Clan Grant members and I, have been trying to research this new material concerning our Origin but we are seriously hampered by our lack of understanding of any Scandinavian Language. This factor makes it difficult to verify the Nordic links we have uncovered; without the assistance of local Historians and Genealogists. I stumbled upon your webpage here, while trying to find some good sources in English and thought it might be worth the time to advise you of Clan Grant. I thought this new information might be of interests to you and at the same time; I thought you might know of some researchers or Historical Societies who specialize in this time period and would be willing to help us? At present, we believe the line goes from Hakon Sigurdsson to Eirik Hakonsson (m. Canutes sister) to Hakon Eiriksson who married a niece of Canute the Great. We believe the line is connected to Sweden, Norway and Denmark; so I thought it was appropriate to address this to you because you may know someone who might help with one of these areas. There is also reason to believe, that the Sister Churches at Gran Sogn/Vollen were founded by our Ancestors, as well; so further research into this is a priority for us. Some of our early sources suggest, that the Norse Origin of the name Grant, is derived from the ancient work of a Genealogist by the name of Nassen or Van Nassen, who lived a long time ago. I am unfamiliar with his work so I know very little about him. If this fellow sounds familiar to you, I would love know to more about his work? Well, I will continue my search of your wonderful Webpage and I hope you enjoy the Link!Sincerely Yours, Phil Moody PMoody1048@aol.com

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