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Gjest Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

[#5272] Is there a Bygdebok for Bergen?

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Gjest Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

I am trying to find records for my grandfather's family. My mother says his name was Adolf August Olai Andersen. My aunt told me that he was born in Bergen on April 6, in either 1881 or 1882, and that he had nine brothers and no sisters. But my mother says he may have had a sister.In the Digitalarkivet, I found a baptism record for August Adolf Olai Andersen, b. April 6, 1884, with one brother and one sister. I don't know if this is the correct person.I am hoping there is someone from Bergen who can help me to find his family in the Bergen parish records. If there is a bygedebok for Bergen, what information do I need to find him?I would greatly appreciate any assistance..Patricia Carlsen Mikkelsen

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