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Gjest Dianne

[#5582] ship - Boy Bendixen

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Gjest Dianne

I am looking for information about the ship my ggreat grandfather arrived in Australia on, and also info on my ggrandfather. My ggrandfather Edward Hansen was born in Moss, County Ostfold, Norway on 18 January 1849. His parents names were Hans Hansen and Mari Olsdatter. I think I have found them in the census for 1865 for Moss, but have been unable to confirm the info. Edward does not have a surname and his mother is a widow. There are 2 other children listed with Edward, Edevin Christiensen and Josefine Olava Christiensen. These children are listed as being Maris daughters children. (Maris grandchildren.)The reason I think these are my ancestors is because Edward named 2 of his children Edwin and Josophine Olive. According to Edwards naturalization papers he arrived in Australia on 24 December 1868 onboard the ship "Boy Bendixen". The ship arrived in Hobson's Bay on 24/12/1868. The port of Embarkation was Mauritius. The master of the ship was Johan Matthiessen. It was a crew only ship, so I am unable to check to see if Edward was on this ship and where it came from. I would be greatful if anyone could give me any information about my ancestors or about the ship. many thanks Dianne

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