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Gjest Cheryl Stoeser

[#6514] Marie Sorensdatter and Christian Knudsen

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Gjest Cheryl Stoeser

I found the baptism records for Christian Conrad Knudsen in Aker Sept 16th, 1825. I have been looking for more information on his parents.(Christian Knudsen and Marie Sorensdatter) Someone posted the baptisms for Aker 1829-1833 and I found a Christian Knudsen and Elizabeth Sorensdatter having a daughter in 1830. Christian's work was listed as Kortmagersvend both places so could the mother's first name be wrong? I tried getting moving in and out records to see if I could get more information on Marie and Christian but this is such a large parish I didn't get anywhere. Any suggestions? Thank-you Thank-you Cheryl Stoeser

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