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Gjest Hans Gangstø

[#6589] Lillemoen og Snerud gårder

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Gjest Hans Gangstø

Følgende melding mottatt fra USA. Noen som kan hjelpe ? Ta i så fall kontakt direkte med vedkommende: October 10: Roger Ellefson, Spring Hill/ Brooksville, FL, USA (Majken10@aol.com) Hello, My name is Roger Ellefson. I am hoping to find a connection to my adoptive family member's history. My Birth Name is Gregory Scott Lillemoen. I have FOUND my birth family here in the U.S. I am related to Gunder Gunderson (4th Great-Grandfather) Helge GUNDERSON Lillemoen (3rd Great-Grand father). Lillemoen is believed to come from his "Foster Family", who brought him over to America, out of respect added the name.) The birthdate I have for Helge Gunderson Lillemoen is November 23, 1848, all the family history has for birthplace is Norway. I do have some information on my 3rd Great Grandmother, Ingeborg Stenersdatter Snerud. She was born on February 02, 1849, daughter to Stene Snerud and Randi Amundsdatter, on the Snerud Farm in Norway. If there is anyone who can assist my family with any other information, I would greatly appreciate the assistance. I have no way of knowing if my family is from Haugesund, please let me know of any websites similar to this one for the other area's. Thank You! Roger Ellefson--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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