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Guest Inger Tysland

[#11395] Hvor er Qvelsaagn??

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Guest Vidar Larsen

Hi Inger Anund Hansen (also known as Sletsjøe) was born in Qvelde (Kvelde) in Hedrum on 16th April 1831 to Hans Christophersen (Qvelde Ødegarden) and Berthe Jonsdatter. Hans's ancestors came from Mangelrød in Hedrum. Berthe hailed from Gjerpen via Furulund farm in Hedrum (Kvelde?). Karen was born 14 February 1831 to Lars Isachsen from Ragnhildrød farm, then Hedrum, now Eidanger (?), and his people came from (Nordal- ) Sætre in Eidanger and possibly Naphaug in Siljan.There is a fair bit of information in the church records for Hedrum and Eidanger plus Hedrum Bygdebok. This was not the real nut but tema 11373 was. That has plagued me, on and off, for more than 5 years. Thanks Mvh Vidar

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