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Found 4 results

  1. I am attempting to locate a baptism/marriage/death record for a Berit Andersdatter from Selbu parish in Sør-Trøndelag county. The online Selbu Bygdebok is silent on any vital information about her. She did marry Ivar Evensen Garberg (1717 - 1753) in 1737. They had 3 children Even 1737, Gjertrud 1739, and Anders 1741. Then she is not mentioned again. The Bygdebok includes a farm name for her - Langli - but no record of her is in that farm. Her spouse Ivar went on to re-marry in 1746. Below is the entry from the Selbu Bygdebok. Can anyone help me locate a baptism/marriage or death record for Berit? http://selbuboka.no/wordpress/?page_id=2279
  2. Hjelpe! I am trying to read the information on the second line of this whole right-hand page that starts with a Z. Bronnoy death record from 1847 for Peder Larsen (death date March 24, burial March 31). https://www.digitalarkivet.no/kb20060524090300 Tusen Takk!
  3. What is the best way to find death records.
  4. The record image is: https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/8250/88 The item is the first one under Anno 1817, female #1. We have conflicting readings of the word before the deceased person's name, Dorthe Hansdatter. Two people say it is "barn" and another says it is"krone." Can you help clarify this word for us? The woman married to Knud Hansen, if this is the right one I'm searching for, was named in other records as Dorthe Christophersdatter, but in this record for her death, she is listed as Dorthe Hansdatter. I am trying to prove that this person is the same Dorthe Christophersdatter married to the blacksmith Knud Hansen originally from Ulefoss and Hørte working at the ironworks mill there, also known as Knud Hansen Møller (born abt. 1779). He married Dorthe Christophersdatter 9 Jul 1807 in Bø, Telemark. The records of their children's births list her also as Christophersdatter. I've been searching for a marriage between a Knud Hansen and Dorthe Hansdatter to disprove that this is the same blacksmith and wife, but haven't found such a record yet. A cross-reference for the death of Dorthe Hansdatter is also found in the Larvik ministerial book nr. I 1/1814 - 1825 at https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/8253/106. It references page 695 in the "general register" and I haven't found that yet. Could you point me to that image? Thank you. I really appreciate any assistance you can provide for this. We've several genealogists debating over the transcription of the Norwegian word in the record, and debating over whether or not this is the "right" wife for our Knud Hansen. LOL! Thanks for helping solve this mystery. Lorelle
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