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Found 7 results

  1. Murray Rystead

    Svenke Olsson Nomeland (1678-???)

    There is mention in the valle kommune volume 1 page 480. that Svenke was a soldier. Anyway to find his military record? He must have fought in the Great Northern War. Thanks
  2. Hello, Could someone help me find Olav Olsson Nomeland's property or census information? Looks like he had a bumerke around 1718. I have attached a copy of his information from Valle Kommune Volume 1 page 454. Thanks
  3. If possible, could you tell what is being said about him? Looks like Olav had 4 sons. That's all I can understand and it also looks like his son Olav Olsson Nomeland has a bumerke as well that looks like a " #"
  4. Hello, Could someone please translate the information regarding Knut Nilsson Nomeland? Also interesting that Mikkel Knutsson Nomeland has a bumerket. Would that be found in the property documents or is that too far back to find? Thanks
  5. Murray Rystead

    Knut Nilsson Nomeland (1600-1670)

    I found this in the Valle Kommune book. Anybody understand what is being said about Knut Nilsson Nomeland and his family? Thanks
  6. Murray Rystead

    Knut Nilsson Nomeland 1600 - 1670

    Hei, noen informasjon for min gode, flotte, bestefar Knut Nilsson Nomeland? Faren hans var Nil Mikkelsson Nomeland og en av hans barn var Olav Knutsson Nomeland 1644. Jeg har bare funnet litt informasjon om ham i Valle kommune Vol. 1 og 2. Takk
  7. Murray Rystead

    Bumerker eller bilder?

    Hei, har noen noen tilleggsinformasjon som ikke finnes i Valle Kommune-bøkene for følgende personer: Knut Tarjeisson Helle 1827-1881 Tarjei Knutsson Uppstad 1781-1860 Knut Tarjeisson Uppstad 1745 Tarjei Svenkesson Uppstad 1704 Svenke Olsson Nomeland Olav Knutsson Nomeland 1644 Knut Nilsson Nomeland 1600 Nils Mikkelsson Nomeland 1570 Jet vet at bildene er sjeldne og kun tilgjengelige fra 1800-tallet og utover. Men vil noen ha noen av Knut Tarjeisson Helle og Tarjei Knutsson Uppstad? Hvis det ikke er noen bilder, vil noen ha noen av de som har en sel for noen av disse personene? Enhver informaton ville bli verdsatt. Takk
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