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  1. Good afternoon, I'm looking for information for a few relatives. I know from previous topics i've created on this website that my great grandpa Olav K. Rysstad (1877-1924) along with his younger brother Olav K. Rysstad (1879-1962) both served in the Norwegian Military in the early 1900s. However, I'm curious if there are any records of the following: Did Olav K. Rysstad (1877-1924) ever volunteer in World War 1? My only doubt about this is that by the start of the First World War he already had 3 young children and was involved in politics. So chances are no. But any confirmation would be great. Did Olav K. Rysstad (1879-1962) ever volunteer in World War 1, and if not, did he contribute to the efforts against the Resistance during the Nazi occupation in Norway? Also did his son Knut Olsson Rysstad (born in March 10th 1916) serve in the military, or volunteer in First World War 1 or aid in the Resistance during the Nazi occupation in Norway? I haven't been able to find this data if it even exists? One last thing, do the records mention any form of awards given to the men that served in the military? Thank you for your help!
  2. Murray Rystead

    Military Records

    Good Morning, I'm looking for more information for both my great grandfather Olav K Rysstad (born in 1877) and his younger brother Olav K Rysstad (born in 1879). I've attached some documents that were sent to me by the The National Archives Services. But i can't read what it says concerning the two Olavs. On another document is showed that the older Olav became a soldier in 1899 and the other just after 1900. Both were privates in the infantry. My question is, are there military records that show data or info of their overall military career. For example if they received any honor or awards (medals). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Murray Rystead

    Norwegian Military Question

    Good Afternoon, I have a couple question regarding the Norwegian Military back in the day (late 1800s, early 1900s)
  4. Hello, Does anybody know or have any information about what the difference would be between the light blue uniforms and the dark blue uniforms for the Norwegian army during 1890 to 1905? The first photo would be the light blue one (Private) second photo the dark uniform (I'm guessing it's a Private also) third photo shows both the light and dark together. (the guy on the left is my great uncle & the guy on the right is my great grandpa) I know they both joined the regular army as Privates (Menig) , one on 1899 and the other on 1901. They would have joined the Kristiansand Infantry Brigade , 16 Company. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. There is not much info on the internet that i could find regarding this topic. I live in Canada and not much about norwegian culture and history is accessible here which is very annoying. Thanks
  5. Murray Rystead

    Military Records 2

    Hello everyone, I was able to get some military records for my family. Could anybody tell me what is being said about Olav Knutson Rysstad (born: 1877) The only things I can make out is that his service # is 5556 & his parents were Knut Tarjeisson Helle & Ashild Bjugsdatter
  6. Murray Rystead

    Military Records

    Good Evening, It has been brought to my attention that for the past several hundred years all norwegian men have at some point served in the army. With the help of the people from the www.arkivverket.no my great grandfather's records have been found (Olav Knutsson Rysstad born: 1877) My lineage goes back to 1500s. I've been curious to know what rank or role my ancestors would have had. My question is the following ..... https://media.digitalarkivet.no/en/db/contents/32845 would this be the correct place to be looking? My ancestors all seemed to live in the Setesdal area (Rysstad, Helle, Uppstad, Nomeland). So would it make sense for them to have been a part of the Vesterlenske infaneriregiment? Just curious if the following great grandfathers would be on the army lists listed in the link i provided above. Most men would have served between the ages 19-22? Knut Tarjeisson Helle - born: 1827 Tarjei Knutsson Uppstad - born: 1781 Knut Tarjeisson Uppstad - born: 1745 Tarjei Svenkesson Uppstad - born: 1704 Svenke Olsson Nomeland - born: 1670-1678 (exact date unknown) Olav Knutsson Nomeland - born: 1644 Knut Nilsson Nomeland - born: 1600 Nils Mikkelsson - born: 1570 Thanks for your help
  7. Good Morning, Tore Tarjeisson Helle's parents are Tarjei Knutsson Uppstad (1781-1860) & Tone Anundsdatter Hovet (1803-1861) Any information on Tore Tarjeisson Helle? Did he ever get married and have children, grandchildren? Tore had 3 older brothers: Knut Tarjeisson Helle (1827-1881) .... i've already asked about him several times in the past. I'm a directly related to him as he is my great great grandfather. Seems like all we have on him is his birth, death and marriage. He appears a few times under the birth of his kids, but i believe that's it. Anund Tarjeisson Helle (1830-1855) .... i think he died in the Otra River Olav Tarjeisson Helle (1836-1864) .... he also may have died in the Otra River too. I don't know if these two brothers had children or grandchildren either? If anybody has information on these 3 that would be great.
  8. Hello, Do we know more about Olav's son Knut Olavsson Rysstad born in 1916? Also any information on his grandson Olav Knutsson Rysstad born in 1955? Was Olav born in 1955, an only child? Thanks
  9. Good Morning, Any records on Knut Tarjeisson Helle. I'm wondering if their is more information on his occupation being a landhandlar/cotter. I think he used to run a store where Hylestad Auto is now in Rysstad. I find it interesting that he married Aashild Bjugsdatter Rysstad, but instead of her taking his last name Helle, she kept Rysstad, and all her kids took Rysstad as well. Maybe because when Knut married Aashild it is because he moved to her village? Any photos of Knut Tarjeisson Helle? He died in 1881 of possibly gout. Thanks
  10. Hello, Any info on her? She seems to be missing in action in the archives. Not even sure if she got married. Thanks
  11. Murray Rystead

    BJUG RYSSTAD (1873 - 1955)

    Hello, I found this record for my great great uncle Bjug Rysstad. There are some questions answered on this form regarding Bjug. Could anybody tell me a bit about what it says? Like i think it asks what his occupation is, maybe even if he has any health issues, etc Thanks
  12. Murray Rystead

    Tarjei Anundsson Rysstad 1910

    Hello, Any records on Tarjei's family? I know he was married twice, once to Gunhild Helle. Then she passed away at an early age, then he re-married to Ingebjorg Rysstad (1913-1999). I'm curious to know more about their offspring (children and Grand children).
  13. Murray Rystead

    Valle Kommune Records

    Hello, I have a couple of questions hopefully people can answer for me. I would like to know the context of some of these records in the Valle Kommune Volumes. I tried translating it, but I doesn't make any sense to me. The first two are about Tarjei Svenkesson Uppstad Does it mention anything about his death? Our is it just about him taking over land or something like that? The third one is about Knut Tarjeisson Uppstad What does skoyte mean in this context? I can't tell if it's referring to getting shot or something about taxes. The fourth one is about Olav Knutsson Nomeland The word skoyte comes up again ... does it mean that he was shot on the way to Tviet? I've tried searching for them in the archives but with no success :(
  14. Hello, I was wondering if anybody could help me locate my great great great grandfather's service record within the Norwegian Army. His name is Svenke Olsson Nomeland. I've attached a copy of his information mentioned in the Valle Kommune Vol. 1&2 page 480. We don't know his exact date of birth. But we know of his brother Olav Olsson Nomeland's date of birth being at 1672. Their father Olav Knutsson Nomeland was born in 1644. I've emailed the digital archives department, waiting for a response, but it's been awhile with no response. So I started looking in this area of the website .... https://media.digitalarkivet.no/en/db/contents/32845 On this site there is a table of contents that show each year. I have also attached a photo of what each page looks like as an example. I'm 100% sure he would have been recruited to the Vesterlenske Nasj Inft. Regt as he lived in the Nomeland/Uppstad region in Aust-Adger. Thank you
  15. Hello,Could someone tell me what is being said in front of Knud's name?Not sure if it is describing the method of death or if it is mentioning his occupation prior to dying.Thanks
  16. Hello, Could someone tell me what is being said in front of Knud's name? Not sure if it is describing the method of death or if it is mentioning his occupation prior to dying. Thanks
  17. Hello, Could anybody confirm what the first word is in front of the name Tarjei? I found my third great grandfather's death record in the archives. Thanks
  18. Murray Rystead

    Militære roller hjelper

    God dag, Jeg har prøvd å finne poster over min oldefars militære poster. Jeg vet at det er noen lister på arkivsiden, men jeg har problemer med å forstå søkeresultatene fordi jeg ikke snakker eller leser norsk. Jeg stoler stort sett på google translate. Min oldefar Olav Knutsson Rysstad (1877-1924) tjenestegjorde i hæren mest sannsynlig rundt 1890-1900. Det er et grovt estimat. Han hadde den mørke soldatuniformen. Han har kanskje vært i infanteriet i en høyere rang som kaptein eller korporal? Han tjenestegjorde sammen med sin yngre bror Olav Knutsson Rysstad (1879-1962). De postene jeg vil finne ville være for Svenke Olsson / Olavsson Nomeland. Han ble født rundt 1678/1682. I boken Valle Kommune nevnes det at han var soldat. Det ser ut til at han rundt 1711 muligens var i hæren. Hans sønn var Tarjei Svenkesson Uppstad (1704-1784).
  19. Hello, Could anyone translate what is being said about Knut Nilsson on this page? I know Birgit Nilsdtr Nomeland is his sister. And she had three children with Knut Sveinsson. Mikkel, Orm and Dotter. Thanks
  20. Hello, Could someone help me find his death records??? Thanks
  21. Hello, Could someone help me find Olav Olsson Nomeland's property or census information? Looks like he had a bumerke around 1718. I have attached a copy of his information from Valle Kommune Volume 1 page 454. Thanks
  22. Murray Rystead

    Mortgage Books - Bumerke???

    Hello, I know finding bumerke is very difficult and I have been told that only the original texts or family would have this info. Very rare. But I stumbled upon this section of the digital archives. Mortgage, deeds registry. https://media.digitalarkivet.no/en/view/18171/14 table of contents .... https://media.digitalarkivet.no/en/tl/pbok/browse?municipalities[]=0940&start_year=&end_year=&place Is it possible that Olav Olsson Nomeland's (1672-1735) bumerke is in here???? I'm curious about his father's Olav Knutsson Nomeland (1644-1708). Tarjei Knutsson Uppstad (1781-1860) Knut Tarjeisson Helle (1827-1881) I have trouble reading old writing let alone Norwegian. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  23. If possible, could you tell what is being said about him? Looks like Olav had 4 sons. That's all I can understand and it also looks like his son Olav Olsson Nomeland has a bumerke as well that looks like a " #"
  24. Murray Rystead

    Bilder av Ukjente ???

    Hallo, Vil noen vite hvem disse menneskene er? Erkjenner noen hvem de er? Hvis ja, vennligst gi råd.
  25. Hello, Any information for Knut Tarjeisson Rysstad? He had two brothers and a sister. Kristian, Christian and Aashild. Thanks
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