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Found 2 results

  1. Murray Rystead

    Military Records

    Good Evening, It has been brought to my attention that for the past several hundred years all norwegian men have at some point served in the army. With the help of the people from the www.arkivverket.no my great grandfather's records have been found (Olav Knutsson Rysstad born: 1877) My lineage goes back to 1500s. I've been curious to know what rank or role my ancestors would have had. My question is the following ..... https://media.digitalarkivet.no/en/db/contents/32845 would this be the correct place to be looking? My ancestors all seemed to live in the Setesdal area (Ry
  2. Hello, I was wondering if anybody could help me locate my great great great grandfather's service record within the Norwegian Army. His name is Svenke Olsson Nomeland. I've attached a copy of his information mentioned in the Valle Kommune Vol. 1&2 page 480. We don't know his exact date of birth. But we know of his brother Olav Olsson Nomeland's date of birth being at 1672. Their father Olav Knutsson Nomeland was born in 1644. I've emailed the digital archives department, waiting for a response, but it's been awhile with no response. So I started looking in this
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