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Found 2 results

  1. SJUR LOFTSGÅRDEN, of Loftsgården farm in Åsbø or Åsbøgrenda, Nore Parish, Buskerud, born circa 1575. Appeal for Help My Grandfather, Herman Knudsen Möen, was born in Hægebostad, Vest-Agder, in 1880. He emigrated to the USA and none of his children or grand-children have subsequently been able to speak or read the Norwegian language. I am attempting to build up my entire Norwegian family tree as far as possible. So far, with the indispensable help of Dag Thorsdalen, I have traced my direct paternal line back to SJUR LOFTSGÅRDEN, who was born circa 1575. The earliest record, discovered so far for SJUR, is a tax record for 1618 and a juror record for 1618. As far as I comprehend the situation, these place SJUR at Loftsgården farm in Åsbø or Åsbøgrenda, Nore Parish, Buskerud (Co-ordinates: Latitude 6689529.77 North - Longitude 832300.18 East) in 1618. The last record, known to me, for SJUR is a tax record for 1645. Would members of this forum please check the relevant tax records from 1500 onwards to find ALL references to SJUR and his ancestors and descendants? Would you please send me digital images of any references to SJUR, together with an english translation of the Norwegian words on the documents? I realise that this translation would be difficult to do even for a native Norwegian, because of the old style of writing. Whilst looking through these records, would you please also look for any possible references to SJUR’s, Grandfather, Father, Brothers and Sons? SJUR’s Father or Grandfathers may have been called SJUR, Syver, Halvor, Tore, Tolluf or Tollef or Torleif, Bjørn, Svein, Unnulv or Arnulv, Ola or Olav. SJUR’s Brothers were called Bjørn Åsgarden, Unnulv or Arnulv, and possibly Svein. SJUR’s Sons were: Tore, born ca. 1604, married before 1630 to an unknown woman, took over the Loftsgarden farm and is mentioned in the tax lists from 1653; Svein, born ca. 1615, mentioned at Kollandsrud in 1665, sold his share of this farm to his brother Ola in 1667; Bjørn, born ca. 1616, married before 1652 to a woman named Aslaug; Ola, born ca. 1621, died between 1683 and 1690, married in the 1650 a woman named Helga, lived at Kollandsrud at least from 1663, 1 known son. The farms connected with this family history are all within about 25 Kilometres of each other, west of Norefjorden. Some of the farms possibly linked with this family are Loftsgården, Åsgarden, Svalstuen, Sønsterud-lien, Rudenn or Rudi or Ro, Bråflåt, Toen, Råen, Våkråk, Kollandsrud, Gvammen or Hvammen, and Mehus. Please check the histories for these farms, and the other farms in this 25 kilometre area, for any references to the above-named people. Please also check any other records, such as Census, Military and Court records, Parish records and Family records for any relevant information. Please send digital images of any information which you find, together, if possible, with a full English translation. I thank Dag Thorsdalen, especially, for his kind and generous help in getting me this far with my research.
  2. Hei, og god påske ! Jeg er på leting etter opplysninger om en person med samme etternavn som meg og som jobbet som kokke på anlegg i Tinn/Rjukanområdet i 1954. Er det noen her som har, eller har kjenskap til hvor man kan finne slike oversikter over ansatte/lønningslister osv. Jeg ønsker å finne ut på hvilket anlegg vedkommende jobbet rundt årsskiftet 1953-1954 og gjerne også en oversikt over de som var ansatt på dette anlegget. m.v.h. Gunnar Aabøe.
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