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Finner ikke dåpen til Jon/John Andersen 1851 i Flå BU

Trude Nilsen

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Vil igjen prøve og finne dåpen til Jon Andersen. Ved konfirmasjonen står det at han var født på Slaatta i Flå 25. jan. 1851, og døpt i Flå 6. april 1851.

Han ble konfirmert i Lunder sogn i Norderhov prgj., da familien hadde flyttet hit ca. 1862.


 SAKO, Lunder kirkebøker, G/Ga/L0002: Klokkerbok nr. I 2, 1849-1868, s. 286-287

https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/8535/84938/24  nr. 16.


SAKO, Norderhov kirkebøker, F/Fa/L0013: Ministerialbok nr. 13, 1866-1874, s. 230

https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/1113/7132/12  nr. 16


Tidligere tråd her: 


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Hi Trude:


Please forgive me for answering in English.


Looking closely at the baptisms in the Nes churchbook in early 1851 (https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/1110/210), it is quite apparent that baptisms happened on Sundays - 23 February, 2 March, 9 March, 16 March, 23 March, 21 April (a Monday - this was because 20 Apr was Easter Sunday that year), 27 April, 4 May, etc.


6 April fits this pattern (2nd Sunday before Easter that year).


However, the churchbook has no baptisms at all from 23 March (baptism #44) to 21 April (baptism #45). In the margin above the #45 is an X with something written next to it. My Norwegian is not good enough to make out what is says - could it be that some records are missing here?


The Nes/Flå klokkerbok appears to have the page missing for 1851, unfortunately (https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/3054/17 - records from 1850 on left side, from 1852 on right side).


The two confirmation records you provided both say that the baptismal date was provided by an "attest" dated 18/6/1866. I cannot decipher who provided the attest - is it the name of a priest, or of a parish?







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Et tips til Trude!


Du kunne gjerne ha fortsatt  i det temaet som først ble opprettet.

Flere temaer om samme sak er ikke nødvendig. :-)

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1 time siden, Ann-Mary Engum skrev:

Flere temaer om samme sak er ikke nødvendig. :-)


Takk for tipset. ;-) Var ikke sikker på om det var slik jeg skulle gjøre det, med gammel eller ny tråd. Hadde da 50/50% sjanse for at det skulle bli riktig. 

Lærer noe nytt hele tiden. :-)


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34 minutter siden, Inge Nygård skrev:

deretter finn ein dåp for Mari, Guttorm, John og Ole


Tusen takk til Inge N. Dette har jeg glatt oversett.

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Hi Carl.

You are absolutly right. Thank you. The X refere to someting added on the right side. Inge Nygård found it too.

Down at the right side, under the headline Døbte i Flaa 6. april 1851, he found the babtisem of Mari, Guttorm, John og Ole -  https://media.digitalarkivet.no/view/1110/210





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John was going to be confirmed in another parish than he was baptized, so he needed an "attest"  from the priest in Flaa parish.

...oh, my stumbling english...


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